The end of the world is approaching. These are apocalyptic days.

I started posting information about this time of the end in 2013. I started at Twitter, and then moved to Youtube, and after that to Dailymotion.

Having had several of my videos removed for one reason or another, I have decided to abandon hosted video sites altogether, and to write content here on my own website, using WordPress.

This is not a free web host and so what I say here will remain for as long as I am around to pay the bills, at most until the day of the LORD – the moment of the reaping, or the rapture.

There are no google ads at this site. Unless I embed a Youtube video in a post, the only ad here is that of my book, written in 2017, Armageddon: China in Bible prophecy, which is available in hardcover and as an ebook. To support this site, please buy the book.

I have learnt more since 2017, not least because more events have come to pass. Everything new that is not in the book, I have put in a post online. Henceforth, I will do so at this site. In November 2019, for instance, I identified the Antichrist, something that was not possible in 2017.