Bible Prophecy & 2020: Chronicle of the End of the World (Book)

This book is the first of a new series Chronicle of the End of the World. Each book in this series chronicles a particular year of these last days. This one chronicles the year 2020.

In 2017, I wrote Armageddon: China in Bible prophecy. That book explains the kingdom of God, the kings of the east, the fourth beast and Mystery Babylon. That book covers almost all of end time prophecy, and also includes prophecies that have come to pass long ago, as well as the fundamentals of Bible doctrine.

Since then, I have figured out more, and of course more things have happened.

In August 2020, I started this blog, my own website.

Now in January 2021, I collate into this book all of the articles that I posted online last year. The result is a chronicle, as it were, of the year 2020. My intention is to do this every year so that what I have written can be preserved in a way, even after I am no longer around to keep this website online.

The Bible describes the last days as “perilous times” and a period of “great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world”. There is much evil in this world, and the devil’s men are many. Some of us who are of God are in hostile territory.

Only time will tell whether I will be able to continue to provide a running commentary until the day of the LORD, the time of the reaping of the harvest of Jesus Christ.