On Megxit, the Crown of the United Kingdom and the power of royal prerogative

The Bible prophesies that in the world war to come Tarshish will be on the wrong side and so all the ships of Tarshish will be humbled (ref. Isaiah 2:16), but then after the day of the LORD Tarshish will return to the fold and become properly Christian once more (ref. Psalms 72:10). When that happens, the kings of Tarshish will bring gifts to Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God (ref. Psalms 72:10) and agree to join Tarshish to “the commonwealth of Israel” (ref. Ephesians 2:12, Daniel 2:35). Tarshish, of course, refers to the British isles. So today, Tarshish is the United Kingdom, or Britain, or least England.

Constantine of Rome, and then Alfred the Great, and later William the Conqueror, made the British people Christian. During the two world wars, the British fought on the side of the LORD of hosts. In the first, Jerusalem was prised from the Ottomans: the battles of Beersheba and Megiddo. In the second, Jerusalem was kept safe from the Nazis: the second battle of El Alamein.

It all went downhill after the second world war. The insidious fifth column of the Vatican’s Jesuits caused the Anglican and Presbyterian churches to go astray. These Protestant churches that once regarded the King James Bible 1611 as the authoritative Bible began to focus more on ceremony rather than the word of God.

Anthony Buzzard on the Anglican church

Around that time also the culture of the UK was changed by the likes of the Beatles. The same Beatles who had been introduced to the devil’s lettuce by America’s Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan on selling his soul to the devil

The same Beatles that put on one of their album covers a picture of Aleister Crowley, an avowed Satanist.

Even the BBC broadcasts of the novelist C S Lewis that attempted to remind the populace about Christianity could not stop the change.

The UK was further transformed by the Cold War. Despite some attempt at independence, namely the Suez crisis and the decision to not be involved in the Vietnam war of LBJ, the UK essentially surrendered sovereignty and became a vassal state of the USA. The security service, whose remit was originally military intelligence, slowly morphed into a branch of America’s CIA, a spawn of the occult secret society Skull and Bones. To add to that, signals intelligence traditionally a function of the army became GCHQ, a version of America’s NSA.

Trailer of Official Secrets (2019)

In the 1980s, PM Margaret Thatcher even gave up the UK’s own nuclear arsenal in favour of American Trident missiles.

Today, the UK is so completely on the wrong side that the army chief Nicholas Carter mentioned at a rusi.org lecture in 2018 that the British army needed of all things the “capability” of “Arabic poetry” (ref. 1). What is more, a 2018 British army recruitment ad pays respect to Islam, the religion of the Antichrist!

British armed forces recruitment ad

Having said all that, let me now explain how I think the UK will be recovered.

The United Kingdom, as the name suggests, is an actual kingdom. The authority of the Parliament of the UK is not supreme, as it is elsewhere. In other words, in the UK, the Crown is above the Parliament. The Houses of Commons and Lords were established as a result of the Magna Carta of the 13th century, and the English Civil Wars of the 17th century. Both did diminish the powers of the Crown especially concerning taxation, but ultimately neither did away with the Crown. For this reason, today the Crown remains the head of state, and the prime minister of the Commons is actually the Crown’s prime minister. Indeed, it is the Crown that appoints the prime minister to office and the Crown may remove the prime minister from office. In the UK, the Crown even has the power to disregard the outcome of an election and dissolve an entire Parliament at will.

But that is not all. In the UK, the Crown is bestowed with power known as “the royal prerogative”. First of all, the commander in chief of the armed forces is the Crown, not the prime minister. Thus the Crown can start a war or stop a war without council from the elected government of the day. Besides that, the Crown is above the law. The Crown cannot be prosecuted for breaking any of the laws of the realm, and all new laws require the Crown’s assent as well as consent. Since the Crown is above the law, the Crown can have any of his or her subjects arrested or executed at will and for any reason.

The Crown’s power of royal prerogative

The Crown also happens to be the supreme governor of the Church of England, and has the royal title of Fidei defensor, meaning Defender of the Faith.

I think it is not for nothing that the national anthem of the United Kingdom is “God Save the Queen”.

So, quite likely, the UK will be recovered from the top down through the royal prerogative!

Now, it might not be Queen Elizabeth II who will save the British as a people.

It might be Charles, or perhaps William, or for that matter one of the children of William and Catherine: George, Charlotte or Louis. Notice Charles, William, George, Charlotte and Louis are all the names of famous monarchs of the past who were against the forces of Satan! Charles as in Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire. William as in William the Conqueror of Normandy. George as in George III who was the emperor of the British during the American Revolution, which was the work of Freemasons. Charlotte is said to be the female form of the male name Charlot, a diminutive of Charles. And Louis as in Louis XVI who was the king of France before the French Revolution, which was the work of the Bavarian Illuminati that sought to avenge the execution of the Templar leader Jacques de Molay.

Certainly, it will not be Harry, the one who once admitted to smoking marijuana and who married the American divorcee Meghan Markle, sort of like how Edward VIII married the American divorcee Wallis Simpson before abdicating the throne. In the line of succession to the throne, Harry is now sixth. Furthermore, Harry and Meghan have moved to California USA, and are no longer regarded as representatives of the royal family by decree of the queen, and the queen will soon even taken away Harry’s honorary military titles (ref. 2). I think Megxit is significant to Bible prophecy!

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

Romans 13:1

Let me close by drawing your attention to season 4 of Netflix’s The Crown because the show reminds that Queen Elizabeth II once clashed with one of her prime ministers over a matter of public policy (ref. 3).

One day, when it becomes clear that the UK has been fighting the war on the wrong side and against Jesus Christ, will Queen Elizabeth II challenge the sitting prime minister and correct the mistake? Time will tell.

Trailer of The Crown, Season 4 (2020)


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