Knives, zombies and demons

Over the last few weeks, here in Australia, there has been a spate of random attacks involving knives.

There was the Bondi Junction Westfield attack that saw 6 shoppers killed and 8 others injured (ref. 1). The assailant was said to be mentally ill, schizophrenia. That means a demon! He even stabbed a 9 month old baby. Eventually, he was shot dead by a police officer.

7 News on the Bondi Junction Westfield

Then, there was the frenzied stabbing attack of Mar Mari Emmanuel during a live-stream church service. This time, the assailant was a 16 year old. The Assyrian Orthodox bishop survived but lost his eye. Some things that the assailant said while he was pinned down and smirking led investigators to believe that this was a case of Islamic terrorism. But later, the court was told that the teenager had a history of “intermittent psychiatric treatment” (ref. 2). Mental health issues, anti-psychosis medicine, and the assailant’s smiling tells me that this was another case of a demon!

ABC News on church stabbing

Then, there was a man with a knife threatening random customers at a pharmacy in Torquay (ref. 3). Pharmaceuticals, ie. “pharmakeia” or lit. sorcery, again brings to mind a demon!

9 News on pharmacy knife incident

There have been other cases in Australia as well. Too many to go through.

In London, UK, where knife crime, often gang related, has been surging these last few years, one Londoner has taken to walking around in chain mail armour as a precaution.

Apparently, many teenage gang members carry on their person “zombie knives”, machete-like knives inspired by zombie apocalypse movies. This is ironic, because often the person wielding the knife is the zombie.

The Independent on gang zombie knife attack in the UK

A week or so ago, in Hainault UK, a 14 year old boy was killed and 4 others were injured by a man armed with a full samurai sword. He drove his van into one victim before leaping out and slashing the sword at his victim’s neck. Then, he broke into a home nearby and attacked a family that was asleep including a 4 year old girl, striking at them in their own home (ref. 4). After that, he ambushed the 14 year old that he killed who was on his way to school. When 2 police officers cornered him, he even slashed at them with his sword, almost severing one officer’s hand. Eyewitnesses told reporters that he continually shouted, “Do you believe in God?” This tells me that a demon was present!

Sky News on Hainault sword attack

I have said for some time now that the zombie apocalypse touted by Hollywood and the like is real, but a zombie is not the undead or a person infected by a brain virus of some sort. Instead, a zombie is someone under the control of a demon.

The Mirror on a crazy man screaming I’m Jesus

More often than not, the attacker is someone with a history of mentally illness, or else he or she has recently taken drugs. Sometimes, the attacker is a teenager. I suspect, demons can get to teenagers and even young children without mind altering drugs.

Now, to prove all this, let me point out the 2023 song “Knives” by Neoni (ref. 5). Neoni is the same artist that sings the 2020 song “Soldiers”, which is about demons being soldiers spreading “madness” at the ends of the earth. As you listen, bear in mind, these lyrics are from a demon! (Remember, as I have said for a while now, an angel can put thoughts into an artist’s head.)

The song Knives sings of “zombies”, “smile”, “night”, “moon”, “hellhounds”, and of course, “knives”.

Neoni Knives (2023) with lyrics

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him… Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath…

Revelation 12:9-12
Neoni Soldiers (2020)

Furthermore, in America, 3 months ago, a woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death, stabbing him 108 times in total while in the throes of a “marijuana induced psychosis”, was given no jail time by a judge because it was ruled that she was not herself at the time (ref. 6).

Inside Edition on woman who stabbed boyfriend 108 times

Not only is America not willing to lock up the zombies that are over there, but apparently America’s DEA has just reclassified marijuana as a less serious drug (ref. 7). This change in the law regarding marijuana will surely encourage more use of “the Devil’s lettuce” and therefore further insanity.

If all of that does not convince you that there is something wrong with the world, how about the next three?

One month ago, a homeless man in Wasco California was captured on video carrying and eating the detached leg of a pedestrian who was just struck by an Amtrak train (ref. 8).

The National Desk on man eating detached leg

A few days ago, in Las Vegas, there was a 911 call from a store employee of a man seen beating someone to death and then proceeding to eat that person’s face (ref. 9). In court, it was remarked that the man that ate his victim’s face, particularly the eyes and ears, was “possessed”.

8 News Now on man eating victim’s face

Last week, in Texas, a transgender in a car rammed into a 64 year old pedestrian, knocking him to the ground, and then deliberately reversed into him, running over him as he laid on the ground, and then got out of the car and kissed him and then stabbed him with a knife 9 times (ref. 10). The pedestrian died, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

ABC 7 Chicago on the murder of a pedestrian

So, beware, the zombie apocalypse is very real: drugs and demons!

More often than not, a knife is involved, because a gun is not easy to obtain in most countries. Sometimes, the possessed will even eat the flesh of their victims like something out of a horror movie.


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