Fitch downgrades US credit rating from AAA to AA+, triggering a sell off in US bonds

The credit ratings agency Fitch downgraded the US government’s credit rating from AAA to AA+, citing fiscal deterioration over the next three years (ref. 1). After the announcement, the US dollar fell across the board, and a sell off in 10 year US treasuries sent yields to the highest levels since last November (ref. 2). In 2011, another of the big three ratings agencies, Standard & Poor’s, also took away America’s triple-A rating because of America’s ever enlarging national debt.

The weakened demand for US bonds also comes as the US government announced its intention to acquire even more debt in order to pay its bills and also pay what it already owes (ref. 2). As I have pointed out before, this is equivalent to a person taking on a new credit card to pay off the debt of an existing credit card. The situation is unsustainable and absurd.

No wonder a second credit rating agency has now come to its senses.

You see, a professional investor, the customer of these ratings agencies, cannot afford to make too many sour bets. His livelihood depends on getting things right more often than not.

In fact, the joke is that they that control the banks that control America have always intended to eventually make the US dollar worthless. This would give them the perfect pretext to compel a new and digital currency, a US Federal Reserve CBDC – the mark of the beast prophesied in Revelation 13.

For many years, America has been borrowing as if she had no intention to repay what she has borrowed. As the cliche goes, if a borrower owes a lender millions of dollars, then the borrower has a problem; but if a borrower owes a lender billions, or in this case trillions, of dollars, then the lender is the one with the problem.

When America first started to print money out of thin air, just because she could, Richard Nixon’s Treasury Secretary famously said, “The dollar is our currency, but it is your problem.”

So, America has lived deliciously at the world’s expense.

How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously…

Revelation 18:7

But, in time to come, for the US dollar to hyper-inflate, in order for there to be a mark of the beast, the US bond market must first collapse.

This is why the ratings downgrade of Fitch is significant to Bible prophecy.

When America’s new CBDC finally comes, it will be as dystopian and as nightmarish as critics imagine.

To be sure, all of the frightening attributes of a CBDC such as programmability and expiry dates are just talk for now, emanating from think tanks such as the World Economic Forum (Swiss), and from discussion papers of the Bank of International Settlements (Swiss) and the International Monetary Fund (American), and from studies of private sector consultancies such as PwC (American) and Standard Chartered (British).

Although some countries have already rolled out CBDCs – for example, both China and Russia – the truly Orwellian stuff that completely transforms the nature of money is not yet a reality.

In both China and Russia right now, a CBDC exists alongside, and competes with, other forms of money, including cash and Fintech payments.

In regard to anonymity, China’s offers what they call “controllable anonymity” in that transactions below a certain threshold require only a wallet identified by a phone number. Likewise, the UK is trying to design a CBDC identity layer with a company called Nuggets that ensures anonymity between the buyer and the seller, but of course the government will be able to see every transaction.

By the way, the UK also worked with the same Nuggets on a project called “Rosalind”, which also involved the Geneva-based BIS. What comes to mind is Rosalind chapel as in the Knights Templar, the same red cross on the Swiss flag.

While a digital currency cannot be anonymous the way that paper money is anonymous, I think there is no need at all for a CBDC to be programmable and to have expiry dates.

The argument that programmability and expiry dates are desirable because these two would make possible a new kind of Keynesian stimulus economics is nonsense, because Keynes was wrong about inflation and the benefits of fiscal stimulus. In my opinion, almost all of Keynes’s theories in the field of economics are dubious.

Indeed, today, the world is suffering from an intractable cost of living crisis that came about not only because America’s inflation has been exported worldwide, but because various central banks thought it a good idea to follow the US Federal Reserve when they did, and carry out quantitative easing.

In China, it should be said, it is the likes of PwC and Standard Chartered, management consultancies of the west, that are pushing the idea of progammability to the Chinese government (ref. 3). So it is quite rich for the UK’s GCHQ (ref. 4) to accuse China of going down a dystopian path, when in fact it is the west’s “witch doctors”, as The Economist newspaper once described them, that are responsible for these sorts of ideas.

Here in Australia, PwC was caught profiting from inside information about a forthcoming Australian federal government tax policy that PwC had been working on as a consultancy. So, PwC offered advice to the government on the one hand, and then on the other divulged sensitive information to others so that money could be made ultimately at the expense of the Australian taxpayer. Apparently, the rot even reached the top: eight partners of PwC had to be sacked to redress this wrongdoing (ref. 5).

For the love of money is the root of all evil…

1 Timothy 6:10

Should not public policy be the exclusive remit of public servants and elected politicians?

If the private sector can dictate public policy for some reason, then much of this world might indeed be run by the likes of Klaus Schwab and the devilishly rich of the World Economic Forum.

Sky News on the WEF and CBDCs (11 mins)
Truthstream Media on CBDCs (34 mins)

Once money is programmable and can be switched off, then the Orwellian has truly begun. To keep track of transactions is one thing; to block or confiscate money at the push of a button is another.

The American Enterprise Institute wants you to think that China’s “surveillance coin” can be countered by America’s forthcoming “freedom coin” (ref. 6).

However, what is coming from America will be as bad as it can ever get: America’s CBDC will be the very mark of the beast that is prophesied in the Bible!

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:17

Today, already, America’s NSA surveils everyone digitally, as Edward Snowden has revealed. Today, already, the American government sanctions both nations and individuals financially when it thinks it necessary.

A further clue is the unmistakable seal on the current US one dollar bill: the occult uncapped pyramid, with Lucifer’s one all-seeing eye.


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