Brightburn (2019), Ghostbusters Afterlife (2021), Mulan (2020), Nobody (2021)

“Loyal Brave True”, Christina Aguilera’s song for Disney’s Mulan (2020) pieced together with William Blake’s poem “Tyger”

The teeth of lions and wings as eagles attributed to the 144000 saints of Israel

“Fellowcitizens with the saints”, the sons of God, “O Israel” in Isaiah 49, and the 144000 of Jacob

Israel, “thou art my battle axe and weapons of war”: for with thee I will break in pieces the nations

The two witnesses, the Holy Spirit, and the voice of God

The moral of Prey for the Devil (2022) for those who are afflicted by demons in these last days

Christians waiting for the rapture should watch for Armageddon

Behold, the first seal of the apocalypse has been opened: the white horse is Russia

The body of Christ, the marriage of the Lamb, and the time of God’s redemption

Israel’s coming baptism of fire

About the proclamation “Glory to God”: What is glory if not victory in war?

Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem, is about the Messiah

The Assyrian or the Antichrist: ISIS Caliph Abdullah Qardash, 666