At 7:20 pm lightning in the UK strikes a gas tank and the explosion and resulting orange glow resemble a nuclear blast

According to one eyewitness, the whole room lit up with a brilliant white light. Then, there was a loud crack which sounded like really heavy thunder. Looking out the window, it was as if the twilight and soon to become night sky was pulsating orange. The orange glow lasted for about 20 seconds (ref. 1).

All this was the result of lightning striking a food waste and biogas facility in Oxfordshire UK.

Another resident recalled an explosion that sounded like a bomb going off, the ground shaking, and afterwards an “apocalyptic glow” (ref. 2).

Images of the explosion on social media resemble the mushroom shape of a nuclear blast.

The Guardian on Oxfordshire’s lightning and explosion

But that is not all. The bolt of lightning that triggered the explosion struck the Severn Trent Green Power facility at precisely, wait for it, 7:20 pm BST (ref. 1, 2). That happens to be the numbers 7 and 2, my birth date.

Also, it was a “waste” processing facility. Think “the waster” (ref. Isaiah 54:16).

Meanwhile, here Australia, in the state of Victoria, around Gippsland which notably is in the south east, 3 bushfires fuelled by winds have been raging since yesterday. It all started in Briagolong, which is exactly, wait for it, 252 kilometres east of Melbourne (ref. 3). 252 happens to be 7 and 2 again. The Briagolong fire which has since tripled in size is also moving in the direction of the “Princes Highway”. A “prince” refers to a saint or an angel.

Furthermore, last night, across South Australia, intense lightning and strong winds cut power to some 33000 properties (ref. 4). Reportedly, around Adelaide, there were some 45000 lightning strikes between 8 pm and 11 pm.

Recently, I have been thinking about the saints and the power of fire. It has also occurred to me that because a saint is essentially a star, like a fusion reactor, he should be able to go thermonuclear at will.

FireStarter (2022)

To be clear, I did not do any of this. Right now, no saint of Jesus Christ has these kinds of powers, so the lightning and the fires and the winds must have been the work of angels of God. Also, lightning is more an angel thing.

The 2 witnesses of Revelation, however, will have the power of fire (ref. Revelation 11:5) and the power to affect the weather (ref. Revelation 11:6). But all that is another matter.


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