Kim Jong Un describes South Korea as a hemiplegic malformation and a society tainted by Yankee culture

At a recent party meeting, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un ordered his military to prepare for war, and should war break out on the Korean peninsula, to “thoroughly annihilate” the USA and to “suppress the whole territory” of South Korea (ref. 1), using all available means including nuclear weapons. North Korea will no longer seek reconciliation and peaceful reunification with South Korea, for South Korea has become a “hemiplegic malformation”, a society “tainted by Yankee culture” (ref. 1). In other words, South Korea is a place that has been deformed by the presence of the American military, by the machinations of the CIA, and by a perverse foreign culture.

From the standpoint of Bible prophecy, Revelation’s Mystery Babylon, the superpower that “reigns over the kings of the earth” (ref. Revelation 17:18) in these last days, and “dwells upon many waters” (ref. Jeremiah 51:13), is spiritually “the mother of harlots” (ref. Revelation 17:5), and an “abomination”: an insidious culturally corrupting influence across the world, the result of Satanism among its ruling elite.

2023 Grammy Awards, open Satanism by an LGBT singer

Regarding South Korea, an example that comes to mind is the effeminate “G-Dragon”, a K-Pop phenomenon.

In 2019, Chinese intelligence reported that the CIA has been secretly working to make male celebrities across Asia – Korea, Japan and China included – “sissy” (ref. 2). Officially, the CIA might tell themselves that this is about weakening the traditional martial culture of the far east – Taekwondo, Samurai, Sun Tzu, etc – so that when push comes to shove, it will be not much of a shove.

However, to a Christian, it should be clear that this has been about spreading LGBT – an unnatural idea from Satan and an agenda of today’s woke and “Yankee culture”. Ever since 2015, the USA has been pushing same-sex marriage across the world at every opportunity and even through its diplomatic appointments, often deliberately clashing with the laws of host nations.

Apart from culturally transforming South Korea over the decades, the US military is now also running bio-labs over there, the sort of facility that might mess around with diabolical diseases such as COVID-19. One bio-lab in Busan which made headlines in 2015 is situated near several schools, apartment complexes and transport links (ref. 3); whereas its equivalent in the USA, a bio-lab in Utah for example, is situated in a desert far away from anyone. No wonder, one South Korean film maker imagined a zombie apocalypse involving Busan, Train to Busan (2016); another supposed a monstrous mutated fish, birth from chemical waste, or man-made genetics and whatnot, The Host (2006); and another yet uncannily predicted several years ahead of COVID-19 an outbreak of an ebola-like flu virus with a 100% fatality rate, Flu (2013).

Flu (2013) trailer

With all this potentially hostile CRISPR-CAS-9 genetic engineering going on in secret, the wellbeing of the people of the Korean peninsula has never been at greater risk.

So, South Korea is a malformed realm, or “kingdom”, very much in need of correction.

And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom…

Mark 13:7-8

Only war and the end of Babylon can make things right.


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